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About us

The group’s agricultural production is spread around farms in the Pachino area (province of Siracusa), located at the far south point of eastern Sicily. A mix of factors (soil, light, temperature, quality of irrigation water) exist in this rather small area that have a positive effect on the produce, making it tastier, more robust, larger, more attractive and fragrant.

Our process allows us to guarantee healthy, controlled produce, also via agreements with laboratories that test for residues.

The group’s factory is in Noto (SR) on Strada Provinciale Pachino-Ispica Cda Burgio snc.
In logistic terms, it is the group’s platform where packaging, optimisation and sales of fruit and vegetables take place for the main national, overseas and mass distribution markets. It covers a surface area of approximately 35,000 m2, which is all fully fenced off and paved.

The warehouse and farms are members of the Consorzio di Tutela I.G.P. Pomodoro Di Pachino and are Global G.A.P.-certified with integration of the Grasp Standard and IFS International Food Standard, both in the Food and Broker categories.
The group’s sales are also certified as biological.

The products that are grown and sold are:

  • “Pomodoro Ciliegino IGP” Pachino tomatoes and conventional
  • “Pomodoro Datterino Mini plum IGP” Pachino tomatoes and conventional
  • “Pomodoro Piccadilly plum IGP” Pachino tomatoes and conventional
  • “Pomodoro Grappolo IGP” Pachino tomatoes and conventional
  • “Pomodoro Tondo liscio verde IGP” Pachino tomatoes and conventional Camone tomatoes
  • “Pomodoro Costoluto verde IGP” Pachino tomatoes and conventional Marinda tomatoes
  • Green courgettes and with flower
  • “Carota Novella di Ispica IGP” carrots, biological conventional type
  • Conventional table grapes, biological conversion with seeds and seedless
  • “Limone di Siracusa IGP” lemons conventional, biological
  • Oranges with yellow or red pulp
  • Cantaloupe melon, smooth skin melon, honeydew melon
  • Watermelons, mini-watermelons

The Group’s Mission
To organise the process with a limited number of production steps, supplying controlled, healthy, high-quality, area-linked products. This is also possible thanks to the farms that we own.

To create the production, packaging and distribution network for all the types of fresh products.

To connect agricultural production with the final customer.

Air-conditioning and Logistics
The company’s factor has a total surface area of approximately 35,000 m2, which is fully fenced off and paved, and is divided into:

  • Product delivery department, of approximately 3,000 m2, including the car park for vehicles and packing depot.
  • Shipment department of approximately 1,000 m2. This incorporates a platform for fruit and vegetable productions and cold rooms for the storage of incoming and outgoing products.
  • Processing department, of approximately 4,000 m2, for the packaging of fruit and vegetables, equipped with modern machinery in order to meet the various packaging needs of our many mass distribution customers