Mediterranee Group
Quality fruit and vegetables

Defining quality is not simple, on any level. In our sector, the product quality of fruit and vegetables is a concept involving several aspects: the product’s inherent characteristics, meeting consumer tastes, observing hygiene and safety rules and adhering to European Union principles that define the parameters that must be observed so that a product can be sold within the EU and beyond its borders.

Our products are checked all through their life: from sowing to harvest, through all the various phases of their growth. We carefully monitor the chemical residue in each vegetable, both for self-control and to make sure they stay within European regulation limits.
We have been granted IFS Food, Grasp and Global G.A.P. Certifications and also biological product certification.
We work to make sure that our products are high-quality two times over: a quality that has been gifted by nature and a quality that is guaranteed through constantly-carried-out controls and research.